Hotels & Camping


Caravans and Campers

Camping spot for Campers and caravans during the 29er Europeans will be in close proximity at Saltsjöbadens Båtklubb, approx. 15 min walk from the venue. This is a separate harbour close to KSSS were there also possibility to park tenderboats if you live here.

From the camping it takes:

15 min to walk to the venue at KSSS

5 min by boat

5 min by car

The camping spot will be open between the 10th of Aug to the 20th of Aug. 

You book a spot trough

Price per night is 35 Eur and you pay on arrival at the KSSS regattaoffice. 

Guest harbour

In the KSSS Marina in Hotellviken there are 400 fixed moorings for seasonal renting and 35 guest moorings. The guest moorings are on Restaurangholmen where you will find our Harbour Office. The guest moorings are marked with green signs. Our harbour hosts will welcome you and help with the mooring procedure. In the guest harbour there are showers, laundry, and grill cottage.

KSSS harbour: 5916,6 N 1818,9 E 6145 NWDepth: 2-12 m

When you book your spot pleas inform the harbourmaster that you are here to participate in the 29er Europeans 2023 and you will get KSSS membersdiscount of 15 %

For more information about KSSS guestharbour pleas klick on link


Within walking distance from the club (approx. 200 meters) we have two attractive seaside hotels that will both give our sailors a good offer for their stay; Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden and Vår Gård. There are also some Airbnb options in the area. With 15 minutes’ drive you get to Nacka, where you find a  Choice Quality Hotel. And in the center of Stockholm there are plenty of options even though we would appreciate that many sailors will stay here in beautiful Saltsjöbaden for the duration of the event.

KSSS would like to offer the possibility to book travel to and from Saltsjöbaden (Stockholm) via our travel agency Big Travel.

KSSS has cooperation with nearby hotels in Saltsjöbanden and Nacka. A certain number of rooms are reserved for the 29er European Championship. The accommodation can be booked at the following link via Big Travel:

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden is located in Hotellviken, near KSSS.

Last day for cancellation:  2023-05-13.

Clarion Collection Tapetfabriken is located in Sickla (Nacka). To get to Saltsjöbaden, take the bus Sickla - Saltsjöbaden (SL). Breakfast, "fika" (sweets and treats) and an evening meal are included in your room rate.

Last day for cancellation:  2023-06-15.

If there will be a cancellation more near the arrival due to sickness etc, we will cancel the room for free and 24h before arrival



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