There are several (nine) launching ramps on the premises so you can launch from all wind directions, two of those are more suitable for coach boats. Boats will be kept safe at the club and there will be enough mooring space in the marina for coach-boats and official vessels - we have a marine service station in the harbor making fueling easy. 

There will be space for some containers and trailers at the club but depending on the amount, some containers might have to be parked 5-10 minutes’ drive away.  

We will be able to supply the teams with electricity and water. As we sail in water with very low levels of salt (almost fresh) the need to hose down equipment is less urgent.  

The marina has stable, floating pontoons with safe ramps, the narrower ones have handrails. The gradient of the ramps leading out on the jetties varies with the current sea level but since we have no tide the changes are quite small. 

The following Maps will help you find your way around the harbour both in terms of logistics and for useful local amenities.